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A Vision from Jesus of a Lost Sea of Humanity

Many years ago Jesus showed me a vision of millions of people wandering in the darkness. Many of them came to the edge of a cliff and the valley below was very dark and evil. As the people were looking down below, the press of the crowds behind were pushing them off down into outer darkness. To this day I can still vividly hear the terrifying screams and see the hopelessness in the doomed people’s eyes. I know it is impossible and beyond the human mind to conceive the reality of these things.

In my vision, this sea of humanity grew larger and larger as more people fell down into outer darkness. It looked like a huge waterfall of people from all the nations of the earth flowing over the cliff. Jesus said to me that they are being lost forever because there are not enough laborers to show them the Gospel – the way to salvation. Jesus spoke with such sorrow as I watched the waterfall of humanity flow over and down to the darkness of eternity.

God told me that if I would pray and stand in His Word and be expectant, that He would use me to bring many people from all the nations of the earth to Himself.


Jesus has shown me many visions that have already come to pass. We have seen many healings and miracles and salvations and even the dead being raised to life! Yet there are many, many more people who will experience the power of God as they receive Jesus. There will be creative miracles, new limbs, new eyes, and new organs. We expect many more dead to be raised to life and deformed bodies to be restored!

To those who have supported this ministry in prayer and finances, you are a great partner and co-laborer of all the fruit this ministry bears.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts!

On behalf of God,
Bless you always!
Sam Sweg

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