“I was blind for seven years, and the doctors gave up all hope for me.  My situation was completely hopeless.  I could not read or even walk across the street or go shopping by myself.  I was living in a dark lonely world. I heard that Rev. Sweg was in town conducting a crusade, and many people were being healed and miracles were happening.  I was told that Jesus uses Rev. Sweg in a prophetic and miracle healing anointing, and many blind eyes have been opened through his ministry.  When Rev. Sweg prayed for me, Jesus revealed prophetically to him the physical ailments and secrets of my heart.  When he prayed to Jesus, my blind eyes opened, and I was completely healed.  I am a new person with a new life.  I can shop and see people’s faces and the beauty of God all around me.  There is hope and joy in my life.

Charlyane Derby, Medford Oregon