“I was blind in both eyes and had to be led around.  The doctors told me there was no hope and I would be blind for the rest of my life.  I heard about Rev. Sweg and (Redeemed Ministry’s) Miracle Crusade, that Jesus was healing and miracles were happening.  My daughter asked me if I would come with her.  During the meeting, Rev. Sweg called me out, and told me the things about me that no one knew.  I realized Jesus loved and cared for me.  I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior right then.  Rev. Sweg then prayed for a creative miracle for my eyes.  Jesus instantly healed me!  My sight was restored and I was healed of a severe painful back.  I can see perfect and feel wonderful!  Jesus healed me and saved me and I know He loves us all.  As I see through my new eyes, I realize how beautiful God’s creation really is.  Life is wonderful again.  Thank you Jesus for healing and showing your love to me.” Maria Torres, Salt Lake City.