It is My Word says the Lord. It is My incorruptible Word that is the seed. The seed is the Word. My Word is the seed. And My Word is incorruptible. My Word has been sown across the world for many, many years. And it continues to be sown. My Word has been sown through the printed word, through the spoken word and through the recorded word. Now my word is being sown through the airwaves of television. My Word has been sown. My incorruptible Word has been sown into great fields. Fields that lay dormant in the hearts of many, just as a desert is dormant, until the rain and then it bursts forth with life.

In a short while, says the Lord, I will pour out My Spirit in a far greater measure than many could ever conceive or believe. As My Spirit is poured out, those hearts that have My seed laying dormant – those hearts will burst forth with life! For it is your faith and your prayers that will bring life to the dormant sea. It will bring life to the dormant sea! You have not labored in vain, says the Lord. Wherever the Word is sown, the incorruptible Word will always bring life! There are backsliders, there are those who have never, ever received me, yet the incorruptible seed has been implanted in them. As you step out with an expectancy and water the incorruptible seed with your faith, with my love, and with the power of the spoken Word, you will see a harvest far greater, far greater, says the Lord, than you have dared to imagine.

For in a short while, the power of My Spirit, will bring life to the dormant seeds in the hearts of many. My seed has been sown. My seed has been sown and this incorruptible seed will bring life! The Lord would say unto you, you have not labored in vain. Continue to sow the incorruptible seed. Continue and the flow of My Spirit will bring life to a dying generation. It will bring life to cities, life to nations and life to the sinner. Be faithful, be expectant, believing, and you will see the manifestation of my glory, says the Lord. Do not let loose, do not let loose of the visions and the dreams I have put upon your hearts.

Some childhood dreams, and for others more recent dreams – they shall come to pass. Be expectant. Spend time with Me; spend time in the Spirit; spend time praying and spend time praising. Then you will see that the victory is at hand! Says the Lord. Amen.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen
(Hebrews 11:1)

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