And I have declared to them Your name, and will declare it, that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”  (John 17:26)

When Jesus appeared to me years ago His love was beyond anything you could put into words. He is rivers of pure living love that fills you overflowing and keeps filling you over and over. He loves you beyond your physical or earthly understanding. God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ DOES NOT love anyone in this world, the present, the past or the future, more than He loves YOU! He does not have any favorites. We are all equal before Him.
If you were to stand before the Father God and Jesus was on your right hand side, the Father God would not love Jesus more than He loves you. The devil does not want you to know that, does he? See, God Almighty has no favorites and Jesus Christ does not love anyone on the earth or in existence, the present, the past or the future more than He loves you. So, point to yourself and say, “I am loved! God does not love anybody more than He loves me!” You have to confess that every day when you look in the mirror. Instead of looking into the mirror and seeing yourself, you have to see the Greater One in you and say, “There is not anyone in existence that God Almighty loves more than me!” That will change your whole life forever and cause you to have a intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus wants to pour out His very being through you to touch this world, so they can see Jesus Christ.