After Sam Sweg finished his message he said, ‘Anyone here who has an incurable heart condition, come up now.’  I hesitated but for a moment wondering if I qualified for this.  Was my heart condition considered incurable?  Well, I knew doctors could not do anything for me of a lasting nature so I went forward.  My heart was enlarged and had a super-thick muscle wall.  My heart beat rapidly all the time.  I became breathless at the slightest exertion.  Sam just flung his hand in my direction.  If felt something like an electric shock in my chest at that time.  A lady standing behind me was knocked over by the impact!  Sam asked me if I could run before.  I told him not very far.  He told me to run around the room.  I looked at how far that was and said to myself I’d probably make it halfway and there I’d collapse, but I would try it anyway, in obedience.  I began to run around the room.  I felt odd because I did not feel faint as I ran.  I got to the halfway point and didn’t pass out!  I was feeling pretty good by the time I got all the way around the room.  I could still breathe, so I was in shock.  Sam then said, “Do it again!” and I took off again around the room for the second time!  It felt as if I were just sitting and relaxing as I ran.  I was elated!  I finished that run and started off again for the third time and went 3/4 of the way around the room to where my husband was and stayed next to him.  I did not sit down then either.  I stood there in awe of my new-found strength and endurance.  Praise God!!  I have a new heart!!!!
Alyce, Provo, UT