Listen carefully to what I am going to share with you because I asked Jesus years ago, “What stops people from receiving their miracles?”  He paid the price.  If you were to stand shoulder to shoulder, with the Lord Jesus Christ right this moment, before the Father God: then there was King David on your right, Elijah, Moses, Joshua and all the whole crew, Paul and Peter also included.  God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ would not love anyone in this world: the present, the past or the future, more than He loves YOU!  If you were to stand before the Father God and Jesus was on your right hand side, the Father God would not love Jesus more than He would love you.  The devil does not want you to know that, does he?  See God Almighty has no favorites and Jesus Christ does not love anyone on the earth in existence, the present, the past or the future more than He loves you.  So point to yourself and say, “I am loved! God does not love anybody more than He loves me!”  You have to confess that every day when you look in the mirror. Instead of looking into the mirror and seeing yourself, you have to see the greater One in you and say, “There is not anyone in existence the God Almighty loves more than me!” That will change your whole life.

So the scripture states, “Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect?  It is God who justifies.” God Almighty is the one who justifies.  Then the important scripture, verse 34 of Romans chapter 8 states, “Who is he who condemns?”  Condemns means that somebody is saying that you are guilty.  “It is Christ who died and furthermore…” , He has also risen, Who is even at the right hand of God, Who also makes intercession for us?”  This very moment, Jesus Christ is sitting at the right hand of the Father God.  This very moment He is waiting for you to take that step of faith and say, “Father, In the Name of Jesus!”  At that moment you say His Name, Jesus stands up and says, “Father they are one of Ours my Name is written on their hearts, charge it to my account.”  Isn’t that Good News?  But it will never happen, until you take a hold of the Word of God, take hold of the Name of Jesus Christ and go before the Father with a heart full of expectancy. See, Jesus will never answer your prayer if there is never any expectancy.  When Jesus appeared to me, He said, “I never, ever will answer a prayer, unless a person has expectancy.”  Then he said something that shocked the daylights out of me!  He said, “I do not even hear the people who pray without expectancy.  I don’t even hear prayers unless they are charged with expectancy.”  A prayer without expectancy, is just blowing hot air, isn’t that true?  That is why He said in the book of Matthew, ‘do not stand on street corners with long and loud prayers,’ you are wasting your time, but when you get into your “secret place.”  Your secret place!  When you get into your secret place with nobody else is listening, in your closet by yourself with the Father, that is when you are praying with expectancy.  Jesus said, “Whatever you ask the Father, In My Name, He will give it to you!”  Isn’t that true!  Except that half of the people, in Mexico are named Jesus, that means every time their mothers rang the dinner bell, there would be miracles everywhere!

It is FAITH in the Name of Jesus!  We have got to have faith in His Name and in His Power, that is EXPECTANCY!  I can sit here all day long and say, “Jesus, Jesus,” that does not mean anything, but when I say it full of expectancy: “In the Name of Jesus!”  All of heaven moves on our behalf. I know what I am talking about, Jesus said that, “If I paint a picture of him bigger in your heart than the circumstance, then you will receive your miracle.”  You will always receive your miracle, if the picture of Jesus in your heart, is bigger than the circumstance.  Feed on the Word.  Constantly, feed on the Word. Then you say, “But you do not know how big the situation is!”  Do you not know, that when you feed on the Word and when the Word gets bigger than the situation the miracle happens.